Best Dog Clippers for Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd clippers

Australian Shepherd dogs are bred as an active and hardworking herding dog. Their coats are also very colorful and unique. They are active, lively dogs and always use up all their energy in activities. Dogs with this colorful coats need to be trimmed every week to look their best because Its fur also falls off … Read more


No matter you try to trim your dog for the first time, or you have already get used to it, you will want to make the identity of the fluffy friend. This might be a huge challenge and make you struggle for hours or days as every people will eventually short of the ideas. In … Read more

What to know before clipping a dog

Grooming is essential for your dog in a way  that it not only maintains your dog’s clean appearance, but also helps you promptly identify any unusual spot or area on his skin. In addition to the importance of grooming, many dog owners consider grooming as a fun activity to play with their four-legged friends. However, … Read more

Why Is My Dog Walking Sideways?

Why Is My Dog Walking Sideways

The fact is that older dogs tend to exhibit a sideways gait whenever they are having a vestibular syndrome that affects a dog’s balance. There are some different causes to this problem. This condition may be caused by an infection of the middle ear or brain, parasitism, cancer, poisoning, or an immune system disorder. This … Read more

Why Is My Dog Walking In Circles?

Why Is My Dog Walking In Circles

As you know, a normal dog doesn’t typically walk in circles. This only occurs when he is preparing to urinate or defecate. Also, it may occur when your dog is drawn by a smell or another animal. If you notice your pet walking in circles without any such reason for it, you need to immediately … Read more