Citronella Bark Collar – Best Solution to Stop Dog Barking

It is unrealistic and unfair to discourage your dog from barking if it’s trying to alert you to something; this can have dangerous consequences. Along with training, a Citronella Bark Collar is the most effective and humane solution to stop diagnosed problem barking.

If you are dealing with an uncontrolled and excessively barking dog, and you want to know how to stop the seemingly continual dog barking, it’s important to understand the facts surrounding the problem before deciding on a solution.

Certain breeds of dogs have a propensity to bark more than others but that alone does not answer the questions, is it excessive and if it is, why? A dog does not bark without reason. Barking could just be vocalizing hunger, or asking for some needed exercise or a bathroom break. Attention-getting barking arises from internal distress. Barking intended to sound an alert arises from a passing person, other dog or vehicle as the case may be.

The question becomes: is the barking appropriate?

The family comprises the dog’s pack. Expect your dog to bark and maybe not stop barking if left alone for long periods of time. Barking that starts after you are gone for 20 minutes or so and continues incessantly could be separation anxiety, a psychological condition that requires some extra attention.

Anxiety stress is not pleasant for your pet and homeopathic remediesto reduce stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation are available to assist in the solution.

Training And Technology Perfect Together!

The best news of all is if, after careful evaluation, there are indications that the problem is a dog talking back in a dominance tug-of-war for authority then training to control dominance is necessary, but it does not involve physical punishment. Along with humane and proper training methods and behavior management products, the situation is solvable with citronella technology, an important development in canine behavior management solutions.

 Citronella Bark Collar is the Most Humane and Effective
Nuisance Barking Solution.

A Citronella Bark Collar uses technology to deliver a harmless burst of citronella spray to interrupt your dog’s barking.

Trainers have used it with great success.

“I’ve used it with great success with several of my clients’ dogs. Companion dog owners who would never accept any other type of anti-bark collar have no qualms about using yours.” -Terry D. Morrow, Trainer

“It can be used to either interrupt behaviors or to act as a deterrent to discourage behaviors, all without causing the dog pain.” -Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Animal Behavior Associates, Inc., Littleton, CO

It’s Better Because…

Shock collars are inappropriate and attempt to reduce barking with pain, are less effective and may increase anxiety and aggression, potentially making behavior problems worse.

Ultra-sonic collars are not as severe as the pain of electrical shock; however, behavior experts report that they have 25% the success rate as with the Citronella Bark Collar.

The Citronella Bark Collar spray works with four of your dog’s five senses; he hears it, sees it, feels it and smells it. Citronella is a unique scent, nonoffensive to humans, which most dogs don’t normally encounter so unusual enough to distract the dog from whatever it’s barking at.