Come visit us at Winterpalooza!! Win a free Birthday Package and if you book at the Expo, you get 10% off!!
Hi Everyone! Make sure to come visit our booth tomorrow at Winterpalooza!!
Utah Kids Club | Winter Palooza
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Hi Everyone, just a note that the Carousel will be down for about 5 days while we upgrade and renew the mechanics and hydraulics. Sorry for the inconvenience but we'll get it back up and running as soon as we can!
NEW JUNGLE JIM'S MEMBERSHIP INFO (on sale in-store Monday, January 18th) -$125 per family -$5 entry for entire year (50% off) -10% off all food and any parties booked
REMINDER! Big Budah will be visiting Jungle Jim's on Thursday, Jan 14th from 5am - 9am! Entry will be FREE from 5am - 11am so come and play and maybe get on TV!!